Friday, September 09, 2011

New Members: 2011

Alexandra Kowerko

As several recent memorials remind us,
our members are continuously being promoted
to the fourth floor studio.

So it's good to remember
that new members are always joining.

Posting the names and work of new members
should really be done on the Palette and Chisel's own website

But the office already has enough work to do,
and the membership committee no longer exist.

Laura Patterson
Tamera Beeker
Michael Valente
James Johnsen
Alexandra Kowerko (and more here)
Diane Sepielli
Judy Brody
Christie Stewart
Alexandra Levanthal
Michael Rubenstein
Monica J. Klein
Ting-Itoras Chung
Nelson Ghorbanian
Kimberly Beck
Drev Sine
Nancy Littman

(Note: I'd love to show more images and links - if the those listed would send them)


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