Sunday, November 18, 2007

Highlights of the Fall Clearance Sale

The tradition continues.....

"In the market-oriented climate of the prosperous 1920's, efforts were renewed to harness the growing and increasingly middle-class art public for the benefit of Chicago artists. The Palette and Chisel, for example, inaugurated its small picture exhibitions and bidding sales to stimulate purchases by less wealthy patrons"

... Wendy Greenhouse, Chicago Painting 1895-1945

Val Yachik

Nancy Albrecht

C. M. Kilgore

John Nasco

Diane Rath

Stephen Giannini

(note: the 11/17/2007
Fall Clearance Sale
items selling for
under $300.
The above were seen
at about 3:00 pm,
but other paintings
may have been hanging in their place
before and after that time)


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