Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Anonymous Questionnaire

Get one of these in the mail?

It surprised me as much as you.

All of the issues on the questionnaire
were raised by the bylaws committee
earlier this year,
and ultimately,
none of them were approved
by either the committee or the board.

But if you study them,
you will find that
many of them are not really bad ideas.

as some committee members said,
these kind of issues
are more appropriate
as board policies instead of by-laws.

But, incredibly enough,
the board has no policies
to guide academy administration.

Zero -- nada -- nothing.

So, for example,
no attention is paid
to all of the class and workshop policies
which were passed by the board in 2004.

There are no guidelines for doing anything,
so the P&C is not being run by its board or its membership,
it's being run by the office.
(i.e. the President and the Executive Director)

Which is not a disaster,
as long as everything keeps running smoothly
and there's money in the bank.

And if there is a majority voice at the P&C,
it says loud and clear:

"Leave me alone, I just want to paint!"

But eventually,
it would be a good idea
to make the committees,
the board,
and the quarterly meetings
viable institutions once again.

Because eventually,
if members
don't participate in their own organization,
it's not going to serve them
or the kind of art,
that is found here
and nowhere else in Chicago.


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